About Us


Kadi Greetings is a contemporary Greeting Card store that sells cards in various African languages - currently Shona, Zulu/Ndebele, Swahili and Yoruba.

Kadi Greetings started for my mother! On her birthday in 2020, I wanted to get her a meaningful card yet I found myself having to write a new message in her first language. She has always gifted me with elegant cards my whole life and I knew I wanted to have my own.

I started thinking about how I never see cards in African languages and wished to make that change. I wanted to pick a card that speaks to my heart, resonated with my culture to reflect who we are and where we come from and most importantly, make a beautiful card. I hope with Kadi Greetings, we achieve that, not just for my mother but for every person whose first language is not English.

The cards are printed on high-quality recyclable paper and have special finishes such as metallic foiling because you deserve luxury! Each card is beautifully hand drawn and I have partnered with translators across the African continent to ensure that every card is meaningful and wholesome.

Here is to melting hearts and spreading love most authentically.

Rumbie, founder. 

Fun fact! Kadi is not a direct translation of card but actually short for my mother’s maiden name!